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MGM Dizzee World beckons you to a land of excitement and thrills, where entertainment knows no bounds. With a variety of rides tailored for every member of the family, this iconic theme park is a mosaic of joyous experiences. Here, the delight is in the details—from the laughter of children on their first merry-go-round to the exhilarated screams from the peak of a roller coaster. Slip into the splashy fun of Water World or indulge in the unique attractions that promise a burst of adrenaline. At MGM Dizzee World, every visit is an adventure, every moment is cherished, and every memory is as lasting as the smile it brings to your face.


a colourful ride

Spiralling joy for a dizzying family adventure.


a red and white adventurous ride

A sleigh-like glide through gentle peaks and valleys.


a well-lit merry go round at night

Whirling dreams on a timeless spin for the young and young at heart.


people sitting on a ride

A whirlwind of gentle screams and gleeful cheers.


a hot-air balloon flying in the sky

Elevate the fun as you ascend gently in the balloon-themed gondolas.


people enjoying a ride

Glide through the sky and enjoy a bird's-eye view of the park.

a red boat floating in the water

Set sail on the calming waters with laughter and light splashes.

a picture of a ferris wheel at night

Reach for the stars on our ferris wheel that lights up the night.


Hop on the Crocodile for a snappy ride of fun and giggles.

empty swings in a park

Swaying into peals of laughter on pint-sized swings.

a shot of a horse in a merry go round

Chuckle along on a merry-go-round with Granny's lovable bugs.

a kid pushing a car with a another kid sitting in it

Bumper-to-bumper fun in a zippy dash of miniature cars.

a kid playing with bubbles in a park

Wiggle and giggle over the bumps with our friendly caterpillar.

a cup and saucer ride

Spin into a kaleidoscope of joy in teacups that twirl.

water park with slides at MGM Dizzee World

Experience the thrill of ocean-like waves in a safe environment.

roller coaster during the day

Brace for an electrifying sequence of heart-racing drops and exhilarating loops.


Ascend gently for a panoramic view of the entire park from the sky.

a view of Kamikaze Ranger at MGM Dizzee World

Swoop between earth and sky in a breathtaking dance of gravity.

two women sitting on a adventurous ride at MGM Dizzee World

Experience the unique sensation of flipping through the air in an orbital spin.

balloon shaped ride at MGM Dizzee World

Let the gentle sway transport you to a pirate's adventure on the high seas.

Exterior of Upside down house at MGM Dizzee World

Step into a world of whimsy at the Upside Down House, where ceilings become floors, and defy gravity in this topsy-turvy ride in Chennai.

a kid wearing 3-D glasses in a theatre

For those hesitant to ride the roller coaster, we offer an alternative thrill at the 5-D theatre. Experience a virtual roller coaster tour by immersing yourself in a dynamic ride without the physical intensity.

Mirror Maze

Get lost in the mesmerising Mirror Maze, a labyrinth of endless reflections that challenge your perception and promise a delightful disorienting adventure!

a man and a woman standing on a black podium

Brace yourself for the Vortex, a spinning sensation that whirls you through a dizzying journey, leaving you exhilarated and eager for more!

entrance of Devil's House at MGM Dizzee World

Dare to enter the Devil's House, where eerie surprises lurk around every corner, offering a spine-tingling experience for thrill-seekers and horror enthusiasts!

Carnival Games at MGM Dizzee World

Test your skills at MGM Dizzee World's carnival games! Try your luck and enjoy classic fun with a chance to win prizes in a festive, colourful atmosphere.


Join the dynamic ride with simultaneous spinning and jerking.



Swoop in circles and feel like you’re flying without wings.



Get tangled in fun as you whirl and twirl together.


Little riders delight in merry gallops on our enchanting pony carousel.



Splash into excitement with high-speed drops and watery thrills.



Spin, tilt, and giggle in our dizzying teacup adventure.



Bump, dodge, and dash—it's the ultimate crash course in fun.



Get whirled into excitement with the force of centrifugal spins.



Set sail on airwaves, swinging high above the land.



Gentle waves and soft rolls make for a delightful voyage.


Twist, turn, and roll in a dizzying dance of delight.



Toddlers' first fun ride, gently revolving with giggles.



Race and spin with friends, chasing thrills at every turn.


Travel back in time with each spin around this track.



All aboard for a looping, swooping bus ride adventure.



Spin out in style with flashy lights and groovy moves.



Speed and swirl, feeling the rush of the wind.


Dive into fun—spinning and soaring like a superhero.


Propel through the sky with dynamic twists and turns.


joia-de-jong-Bqxa l3LR k-unsplash

Junior pilots take the helm in this thrilling mini-flight.



Drive into adventure, steering through fun-filled obstacles.


Orbit the fun on this enchanting children’s Ferris wheel.


Circle through a world of enchantment on our magical ride.



Canter into a circle of fun on this magical pony ride.

mike-swigunski-aQ rP lRc14-unsplash

Be dazzled by endless lights in a space where time feels frozen.

jon-tyson-2ptGT4nyo6g-unsplash r1mffp

Glide effortlessly on a two-wheeled scooter; balance is the key!


Kids, hop on your scooters for a fun, breezy ride around.



Jump and bounce on our elastic mat for sky-high fun.


alessandro-bogliari-oDs AxeR5g4-unsplash

Step up to the crease and experience the thrill of a quick 20-20 match.


Grab the bull by the horns and hang on for a wild ride.


Cling tightly; endure the challenge to win by holding on till the end.



Speed-slide straight into the pool for a splashy, thrilling ride.


Twist and turn down into the pool from this winding slide.

acton-crawford-z4 MYkk6JoM-unsplash

Get swept away by the excitement as you spiral down into the water.


Family fun awaits at this slide complex topped with a waterfall.


Dance under the downpour in our exhilarating artificial rain zone.


Safe and fun spray zone for the little ones to enjoy.


Gather the family for a splash in this welcoming pool.


Get splashed by surprise with every unpredictable water jet!


Step into a giant boot; it's a shoe-in for fun!


Snap a photo inside this gigantic, fairy-tale pumpkin.


Make a wish or just peek into this enchanting well.

humpty-1851204 1280

Meet everyone’s favourite egg at his sitting wall spot.

fynephoqus-zZc2kIo 6sY-unsplash

Refresh under the gentle cascade of our tropical coconut waterfall.


Wander through wacky rooms in this topsy-turvy house.


Climb up and explore the leafy views from our lofty hideaway.


Little adventurers can scout the park from this high perch.


Navigate through cooling mists in this mysterious maze.


Stroll down the charming lane of yesteryear’s market scene.


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